Are you open minded, are you ready to leave the rat race! do you want more from life?

Did you know you don’t have to put up with having no money at the end of the month,
or missing out on time with the family, this can change let me show you how.

An Introduction To John Wilson

My name is John Wilson and I’m a Team Leader promoting the Utility Warehouse Discount Club.

I left school and went straight into my passion of cars, training as a mechanic unfortunately due to medical reasons I had to choose a different career and went to university to study computers.

From there I started my online career by becoming a web developer and internet marketer, the money was great but I had no time, so took a job for less money but gave me more time, but there is no happy medium or so I thought.

When having a chance encounter at a hotel in Telford I overheard the name Utility Warehouse, I decided to look into it and fell in love with the opportunity.

Since that day I have now qualified for a Brand new BMW Mini, Promotion Bonuses and in 2018 I will be taking my beautiful family to Disney World Orlando for a FREE holiday of a lifetime all thanks to Utility Warehouse.

Some benefits of building a business with this amazing company are more money and more time with my family but the not so obvious benefits are bringing my retirement forward, securing the financial future for my family and leaving a legacy for my girls.

So if your interested in either saving money or making money, giving you more time and freedom then get in touch, I would be honoured to help you realise your goals and achieve your dreams.


Start Your Journey Now

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